KARACHI - “Pakistan is passing through a crucial phase facing many challenges like sectarianism, which needs to be properly addressed. Unity among Pakistani Muslims is need of the hour, as the country is on the target of terrorists; on the other hand Karachi is in the grip of target killing, which is nothing but a conspiracy hatched by country’s enemies. Dual educational system has created class system in the country.”

 These views were expressed by Editor-in-Chief Dr Majid Nizami in a message, written for the distribution ceremony of the 15th Hameed Nizami, Majid Nizami Educational Awards, held at Scout Auditorium of Sindh Boys Scout Association on other day (Nov 30). Nawa-i-Waqt Karachi Resident Editor Saeed Khawar read out the message in the ceremony.

The educational awards’ ceremony, organised by Farzandan-e-Pakistan, was held to honour the students of Matriculation and Intermediate, who got top positions in exams. Chairman BIEK Prof Anwar Ahmed Zai, Iqbal Yousuf, Nihal Hashmi, Syed Hafeezuddin, Mehfooz Yar Khan, Jawar Haider Naqvi, Manzar Alam, Rana Muhammad Ahsan, Chairman Farzandan-e-Pakistan Rana Ashfaq Rasool and other dignitaries also spoke on the occasion. 

Dr Majid Nizami, in his message, said that students have to play a vital role in progress. The citizens are required to build pressure on the government to transform the present society into a welfare state, he said, adding that ideological foundations of Pakistan will be protected by the country’s new generation.

Prof Anwar Ahmed Zai has paid tribute to Hameed Nizami and Majid Nizami for their services for the formation of a superior society.

, and said that these great people have done lot to protect Nazariya-e-Pakistan.

He said that Nawa-i-Waqt is considered a metaphor of truth and reality. Pakistani students, especially female, have great responsibility on their shoulders to socialise next generation in light of Nazariya-e-Pakistan, he maintained.

He said that education is the only key to success, while students who secure positions are bestowed with great dignity and honour. He said that female students can play pivotal role in the creation of education and civilized society in the Pakistan.     

Iqbal Yousuf, Nihal Hashmi, Syed Hafeezuddin, Mehfooz Yar Khan, Jawar Haider Naqvi, Manzar Alam and Rana Muhammad Ahsan, in their speeches, said that the modern thinker and prominent poet of sub-continent, Allama Iqbal presented idea of Pakistan and later Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah took the responsibility to establish Pakistan and now it is the responsibility of youngsters people of Pakistan to save its ideological foundations and follow the path of the these leaders.