ISLAMABAD - The two-day exhibition on "Low and No Cost Audiovisual Aids on Early Childhood Development and Education" concluded here on Sunday.

At the exhibition, arranged by the Hashoo Foundation, young trainees of ECD&E programme used the recycled and waste material to create and develop innovative AV aids on key learning areas of children aligned with National Curriculum of ECD&E.

The primary objective of the event was to develop critical thinking and creativity in trainees and enhancing their skills in developing AV aids and presentation by using waste and low cost materials. Such sort of skills is considered essential to teach and practice as an ECD&E teacher. The event also sensitized the head teachers/ teachers and policymakers about the importance of such material required for children's holistic development.

Ali Akbar, Country Director of Hashoo Foundation, who had inaugurated the exhibition, highly applauded the creativity and innovative work developed by the trainees for improving and enhancing the teaching learning skills of young children. He highlighted the significant role of education in developing and shaping the nations and making parents and teachers more responsible in society building.

He congratulated the trainees, trainers and staff for arranging such events to improve and enhance the teaching and learning processes and bring innovation and creativity. He recommended that such events should be carried out on regular basis to enhance the relevant skills of the trainees and enable them to think out of the box.

Around 500 participants including students, school head teachers/principals, ECD teachers, trainees, staff from national and international NGOs, educational institutions and people from all walks of life visited the exhibition and highly appreciated the efforts and creative work of the Hashoo Foundation trainees.

One of the visitor talking to The Nation said "It is more than miracles that how young trainees of ECD&E created such wonderful visual aids enabling children to learn more effectively."

It is pertinent to mention here that Hashoo Foundation is renowned for its quality trainings and professional development of young women especially in the areas of early childhood development & education. Till to date 5410 young women had been graduated from Hashoo Foundation's Human Development Resource Center and serving the nation.