We the Christian Community of Mirpurkhas are writing to you with great concern, regarding consequence of the Law of Blasphemy. Already many innocent people, Muslims, Christians and even Hindus have lost their lives and many are suffering in prisons. In the latest incident, we all sorrowfully recall, how Mr. Shahzad Masih, his wife Shama Bibi and their unborn child were burnt alive in a furnace. We appreciate the arrest of some of the culprits and also the Chief Minister of Punjab’ compensated the children and has taken the responsibility of educating these children but these are good gestures by the government not a solution to our problems.

We fear that more incidents like this will happen and more innocent people will either lose their lives or get arrested for a crime they did not commit. We also fear that the courts will also not do justice, as judges and the lawyers who are involved in blasphemy cases are afraid for their lives and out of fear will either not represent their client or sentence them to death. The Late Punjab Governor Salman Taseer and Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti also lost their lives just because they showed sympathy to a blasphemy victim and also opposed the Blasphemy laws. The government may not have hanged the victims but there is always the fear that we might see that unfortunate day or they will be killed either in the jail or somewhere outside.

Why is this intolerance increasing? The real reason is the law of blasphemy, as long as there is this law; we are bound to have more tragic incidents like these. We all know the origin of this law. We request the present government to abolish all laws introduced by the dictator Zia-ul-Haq in the name of Islam especially 295 B & C of the Pakistan Penal Code of Law and work on such policies that will benefit every Pakistani, regardless of creed and culture.


November 23.