WHO-Pakistan has denied that it has suspended the polio vaccination program, instead it’s reviewing the extent of security threats to the staff, we know they have to resume the activities as it’s not a local issue, polio virus is again threatening the world community. This time it was Quetta, wherein a vaccination team was shot. The lone policeman who was escorting the team felt it more safe, (at least for himself) not to resist and simply walked away. This is the situation on ground; regardless of what WHO and other statuary international bodies have been requesting (for Pakistan government’ assistance), threatening (to impose travel ban), Prime Minster chairing a high level meeting, ministers issuing statements after statement, but nothing is happening in reality.

Why, because no one is taking the polio eradication campaign seriously. If this is not the case, then how-come terrorists are let loose to kill these health workers? These helpless health workers are paid merely 4-5 $ a day, sometime that’s not enough even for transport and one day’s meal. No one talks of millions of dollars the country receives, from donor agencies, for polio eradication where do they go?. Who is not aware that Pakistan has become a epicenter of polio virus; after the army operation in North Waziristan, displaced people are on the move along with the polio virus. Whether we like or not, we shall appreciate terrorists’ commitment to their cause, “don’t let polio vaccination be administrated to children.” But where is the government’ commitment to challenge terrorists’ plans? Except for talk there have been no solid plans or any action taken. Instead of Imran Khan the Government should be focusing on the polio drive.


Saudi Arab, November 28.