On main GT road, opposite of DHA 2, Gate#1 is located near an educational institution by the name of Roots Ivy International University. You would expect this university to be providing quality higher education and an atmosphere of learning but what actually takes place inside may baffle many. This so-called university has a student body election; with 2 parties standing, both parties went to great lengths to disturb the learning atmosphere of the whole institution with a free hand provided by the administration staff of the institution, who did not bother to intervene and allowed the two parties to create a ruckus in the main area of the institution, from where the commotion could be heard up to all classrooms which forced many classes to stop.

As an ex Roots student, I was present at the institution on October 27, where I witnessed one of the responsible parties bring a dhol wala into the institution who went around through all the main halls of the institution beating his instrument and creating a noisy disturbance. I was astonished that the institutions administration allowed them to enter, keeping in mind that this institution charges extra to students for security on fee bills ever since the APS incident took place. Then on Election Day November 1, the opposition party drove 3 to 4 Toyota V8s into the institution, again without the administration intervening, the students honked their car horns, and pressed against the accelerators of their heavy cars which released an exhaust of dangerous car fumes.

This whole event again caused a noisy disturbance in the institution. This is an institution which often brags about its claim of how it provides a foreign learning atmosphere, when in fact what takes place inside does not suggest that of an educational atmosphere. It’s ironic how the government educational institutions have a reputation of having a poor educational atmosphere, while no one knows what is happening in these private institutions which charge a lot of fees.


Islamabad, November 2.