ISLAMABAD -  Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar on Thursday chaired a meeting with the Privatisation Commission of Pakistan (PCP) to review the matters related to Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM).

The PCP chairman gave a detailed presentation on matters pertaining to PSM and its administration. The Industries and Production secretary informed that the new CEO of PSM has assumed charge and is addressing the issues related to administration and finance.

After the presentation, the minister directed the Privatisation Commission of Pakistan  and Ministry of Industries and Production to coordinate and suggest measures to resolve the outstanding issues of the mills.

He said that the government is committed to finding a way forward and resolving the issues of PSM.

He said that the government is keen to encourage the participation of the private sector in PSM in order to make sure that this asset makes its due contribution to the country’s economy, including through creation of jobs.

Dar highlighted that the government’s commitment to the workers of PSM is demonstrated by the fact that the government is paying the salaries to the employees, even when no production is taking place.

The special assistant to finance minister and other senior officials of Finance Division were also present on the occasion.