Some retired people are engaged to frame the Employees Service Rules for the regular employees of a few ill-fated organisations both at federal and provincial levels. Sources privy to them relate that their attitude, approach and working are a contravention of justice including natural and administrative justice because no any regular employee or serving officer who are working on deputation with the same organisation, are taking on board.

Regular employees and the proposed committee has deliberately been kept in the dark and such sadist souls have been assigned the task who never hesitate to damage and destroy careers of upright, bright and brilliant officers. It is learnt that such rules are being framed by the retired lot through a contemptuous “cut and paste culture “in which too few officers who call spade a spade and never indulge in lethargy and corrupt practices are being deprived of their channel for promotion in the next grade even after fifteen years serving in the same grade.

These revengeful retired old folk have farmed such discriminatory draft rules in which too few officers will retire in the same grade in which they were recruited. A retired syndrome ruins not only many vibrant organisations but also ruins the career of such officers who never dance to their tunes but follow the rules of business and rule of law. How can the retired decide lot having no experience of drafting and rules framing be assigned such a sensitive task in which lives and careers are involved? How can a retired rehired be treated as cadre officer and regulars as ex-cadre officers and being denied of promotion in their career?


Islamabad, November 2.