ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Thursday said that even a letter from US President-elect Donald Trump will not save Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from the “Panama scandal”.

Khan’s remarks first came through his tweets, and later speaking at a press conference at his Bani Gala residence, he said that the prime minister has “badly trapped in money laundering” as the documents presented by the Sharif family before the Supreme Court was a clear proof of that.

“The good news is that Trump spoke to Nawaz Sharif and the bad news for NS is this won’t save him from the Panama scandal - not even if a Trump letter arrived!” Khan tweeted on Thursday morning while referring to a letter of the Qatari prince that was submitted by PM family before the Supreme Court and the premier’s telephone conversation with Trump.

Later at the press conference, Khan said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had badly trapped in money laundering and the Panama case would decide the future of Pakistan.

Khan alleged that the Sharif family had no proof to establish the trail of money to buy Mayfair properties in London and “this is the reason that they couldn’t submit any proof in the apex court”.

“When they had no money in Dubai because Gulf Steel Mills was suffering a loss of 2.6 million Dirham daily, then from where the money trail would come,” he said. “Now they have brought out a new trust deed before the Supreme Court,” Khan called the deed bogus saying that if it was genuine, it should have been registered in UK but it was unregistered. “Now they would bring more documents on next Tuesday to cover their lies,” he said. Actually they have laundered money from Pakistan, he said adding that “the PM himself was found in tax theft”.

He said that the statements of the prime minister in the parliament were contrary to the documents submitted to the apex court. “The Qatari prince’s letter almost zeroed his claim that his family sold out Jeddah Steels Mills in 1980s”, he said.

“A single National Assembly session was enough for Nawaz Sharif to prove himself innocent and there was no need to give statements one after another,” Khan said adding that the fabricated stories were coming from them one after another to prove themselves innocent. “We all saw that how the Supreme Court dissected the Qatari prince’s letter yesterday,” he said. Now masses have understood how Sharifs’ have shifted their positions to cover their wrong doings.

The PTI chief said that Pakistanis bought properties of worth Rs750 billions in Dubai during the last two years. He alleged that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar had properties of worth billions of rupees in Emirates Hills. “The ruling PML-N did not want to bring back looted money of Pakistanis stashed aboard as they themselves were involved in money-laundering.”

Launching an attack on the PM’s children, Khan questioned that the income showed by his daughter Maryam Nawaz was less than the money she spent on her travelling.

Hasan Nawaz was a student in the year 1999, then how he started a business of worth billions after two years, he questioned. He claimed that the Sharif family had been doing business of worth billions much before 2005 and this money was laundered from Pakistan.

The PTI chief also came down hard on the government for increasing petroleum prices.