KARACHI - The 98th Urs of the Islamic scholar and researcher Hazrat Molana Shah Ahmad Raz Khan was held here at Memon Masjid, Muslehuddin Garden on Thursday, and attended by a large number of people who came from various areas of Pakistan. Anjuman-e-Zaya -e-Taiba has been organising this annual ritual for the last 45 years.

The religious scholars who addressed the gathering of devotees were Hazrat-e-Allama Syed Mohammad Mahfooz -ul- Haque, Allama Peer Tarakiat Syed Ahmed Madni from Muzafargarh and Alam Mufti Mohammad Mohsin Faizi from Ahmadpur Sharqia, while other religious scholars who attended the event were Ustaza Ulma Mufti Jameel Ahmed Naeemi Zayae, Mufti Ismael Zayae, Mufti Abdul Aziz Hanafi, Peer Kamal Mian Sultani, Peer Ikramul Mohsin Faizi, Dr Majeedullah Qadri, Haji Hanif Tayyab, Maulana Raees Qadri and others.

On the occasion, Huffaz-e-Quran (people who have memorized Quran by heart) got their registered recognition certificates. In the end, Mufti Mubashir from Zaya-e-Tayab thanked all the participants who poured in from various parts of the country.

Meanwhile, it has been demanded at the 37th Imam Ahmed Raza Conference, held in collaboration with Idara Tehqiqat-Imam Ahmed Raza International and Shoba-i-Urdu of Karachi University that the government enforces Urdu as an official language , immediately, in the light of verdict of the Supreme Court and also set up Imam Ahmad Raza chairs at all the universities of Pakistan.