SIALKOT -  The victims of Indian shelling have not yet been compensated by the government and their houses are still unrepaired in Bajwat, Chaprar, Harpal, Sucheetgarh, Bajra Garhi, Merajkey, Charwah and Shakargarh sectors.

The affected people said, “First we faced the flash floods and then we suffered the bullets, mortar shells fired by the Indian BSF in Sialkot border villages.” They told the newsmen, “Our houses were badly damaged and our cattle were killed by Indian shelling and we have been waiting for the financial compensation by the government.”

They said, “We have to spend the nights sleeplessly amid high fears of unprovoked Indian shelling on our houses by targeting the civilian population in Sialkot border villages. Our seasonal paddy crops were also badly damaged due to unprovoked intensified mortar shelling. We are totally dependent on our seasonal crops.”

They stated that no financial compensation has yet been announced by the government for the repairing and reconstruction of their houses. They added that after the tense situation, normally was returning to Sialkot border villages. The local villagers said that they had started going back to their homes after about two-week evacuation.

They said “We have found the remains of the small and big mortar shells fired by the Indian BSF, everywhere in and around our houses as well.” The children were also found with the remains of the shells in the streets of the Sialkot border village Joiyaan, Harpal, Umeraanwali, Anula, Chaprar, Bajra Garhi and surrounding areas.

They said that the Indian BSF had created the unmatched examples of the unprovoked shelling by targeting the civilian population in Sialkot border villages. Village Joiyaan-Sialkot based councilor Ch Sabir Hussain Joiya said, “The miseries of the people living in Sialkot border villages are not ending. Indians are again killing us, by targeting the civilian population.”

In village Bajra Garhi-Sialkot, Mohsin Malik added that the massive brutality and war aggression by the Indian BSF also killed dozens of the cattle, badly damaging hundreds of houses in Sialkot border villages, due to which the people started moving towards the safer places with their cattle and luggage.

The villagers including Ali Shan, Sumera Raza, Nasreen Bibi, Ali Arbab, Mehmood Ahmed and others said, “Indian BSF wrote a story of massive brutality and inhumanity by targeting the innocent civilians in Sialkot border village Kundanpur of Sucheetgarh sector along Sialkot Working Boundary.”

Though the guns are silent on both the sides (Pakistan and India) along the Working Boundary, tension still prevails in the Sialkot border villages, they said. Talking to journalists, the local people said that there was a silence of guns from both Pakistani and Indian sides. They said that the high tension was still prevailing in these border villages. They added that there were high fears that Indian BSF might restart unprovoked mortar shelling targeting the civilian population.