SRINAGAR: In Indian-held Kashmir, the joint resistance leadership comprising Syed Ali Gilani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik has expressed serious concern over the plight of the illegally detained Kashmiris languishing in different jails.

The leaders said that innocent people particularly youth were being subjected to the worst inhuman and ruthless treatment to force them to subjugation, according to separate press statements issued on Friday.

“The lives of these prisoners have been made hell by the ill and sick minded jail authorities. They are being served sub-standard and unhygienic food. They are dumped in dozens in small rooms making them uncomfortable and unable to take turn. They are made to shiver in these chilly cold days,” they said.

The leaders pointed out that in order to suppress the ongoing movement, Indian police had randomly roughed up a large number of youth and was now demanding hefty sums for their release, turning it into a lucrative business to feed their bellies, defaming and defacing themselves further.

“Our bureaucratic class, although well read and highly qualified, blindly sanctions the police dossiers irrespective of the victims’ age, physique and gender. We question their intellect, why they willfully play the role of sub-ordinates of political stooges and obey their orders without testifying on the merits of legal and moral grounds,” they said.

The resistance leaders said that most of the detainees are in a bad physical state and their families are in shambles. “They have families which need them as caretakers but authorities most brazenly keep them away to satisfy their egoistic and hate mindset. Hundreds of freedom-loving people are in almost all the jails in the Valley and outside, thousands are in police stations and interrogation centers, some are in Indian jails,” they said.

The leaders appealed to the people to express solidarity and unity with the detainees to convey to India that the Kashmiris could not detach themselves from their long cherished goal of freedom.