Islamabad - A grade-17 official, repatriated from National Institute of Rehabilitation Centre (NIRM) a year ago, is still working in the medical institute without any legal order, sources confirmed on Thursday.

According to the documents available to The Nation, an official of (BS-17) working as Assistant Director (AD) Maintenance & Store in NIRM was repatriated to parent department of libraries last year in the month of July.

Both departments fall under the ministry of Capital Administration & Development Division (CADD). And the ministry had ordered the repatriation of officials on deputation working in PIMS, NIRM and Polyclinic hospital following the orders of Supreme Court (SC).  But the said official is still working in NIRM despite his repatriation order.   

The official was transferred from the ministry’s Department of Libraries in the year 2012 where he was serving in BS-16 scale as Store Officer.

In NIRM, the official was appointed as AD Maintenance &Store in (BS-17) against the vacant post of principal technician.

The official was allowed to withdraw the salary against the vacant post till the creation of the post of maintenance & store.

As per documents, in year 2010, the said official was serving as stenographer (Bs-15) in Ministry of Education at that time.

In next year after the establishment of CADD, the official was promoted in grade (BS-16) with the responsibilities of store officer in department of libraries.

And next year, in the month of September, the official got deputation in NIRM against the vacant post of BS-17.

A source told The Nation that the official is backed by influential political personalities so he was still deputed in NIRM.

An official from NIRM told The Nation that the official was sent from CADD ministry and working till the time of previous executive director NIRM tenure ends.