Winner of the noble prize for literature in 1962 and one who frequently explores the themes of fate and injustice, John Steinbeck is most famous famously referred to as ‘a giant of American letters’ detailing the woes of those who remain constantly unheard more commonly referred to as the silent majority. It is reminiscent within his words how he recognises the pre-eminence of war as a deathly end and an undeniable manmade source of destruction. The sort of destruction that distils itself within an atmosphere of unthinking and unfeeling humans, who care none whatsoever for themselves and for others. It is the inability of humans to be able to diplomatically resolve their problems that aggravates any problem with the end result being war. It is unfortunate that in spite of the fact that we all belong to a supposedly ‘superior’ species called humans we are unable to live peacefully together.

“All war is a symptom of man’s

failure as a thinking animal.”

–John Steinbeck