LAHORE - Punjab Assembly Peace Committee arranged a consultative forum on draft bill of “Punjab Prohibition of Hate Speech Act, 2016” at a local hotel yesterday.

PAPC is a bi-partisan body that works under the umbrella of the Punjab Youth Parliamentary Caucus (PYPC) and is technically supported by Bargad- organization for youth development.

Legislators, members of the civil society, government, academia, media and lawyers participated in the event moderated by Nabila Zar Malick.

Ch Sarfraz Afzal remarked, “It is a very important step that the Peace committee has taken by drafting this legislation. This is how parliamentarians can play role effectively.”

Sadia Sohail appreciated the bi-partisan participation of the peace committee in drafting of the pertinent legislation.

The draft legislation once updated after the feedback received during the forum will be submitted in the Punjab Assembly.

The draft has been prepared to pursue legislation on hate speech in accordance with the National Action Plan. It calls for an awareness campaign by the Police for the effective implementation of section 44 of the Criminal Procedure with regards to hate speech. Draft legislation also calls to observe one day every year as “Stop Hate Speech Day” whereby all departments including educational institute will raise awareness to cub hate speech.