KAMALIA - It is need of the hour to hold all corrupt leaders accountable if we want to move our country forward on the path to justice and prosperity.

Awam League Chairman Riaz Fatyana stated while addressing a meeting with the party workers here the other day.

He cited the recent report of the State Bank, saying the country has stuck in an alarming economic situation as the government has pushed the nation towards being foreign slaves by borrowing Rs8 trillion in 3.5 years.

He said that those who once claimed of improvement have come out as liars, adding the nation must be informed where such large loans are being spent. He said that the people are bewildered at the current quagmire of debts that the nation has gotten into.

“There is no relief for the common man while the government is bestowing appreciation certificates to its ministers.

 for preparing worst financial and economic policies,” he said, stressing the economic stability is essential for national development and prosperity as only those nations thrive in this world which rely on their own resources and manpower.