KASUR-A religious scholar said that everyone would have to play his/her due role for the education of youths especially of girls. Talking to media, Mufti Pir M Hamid Ali Qadri said that people lacked inner peace despite possessing wealth, power, and modern resources. He said: "The only way to get inner peace is to remember Allah." He added: "One, who seeks help from Allah, does not have to bow down before others for the fulfilment of his needs." He also advised the youth to respect their parents and be kind to the children.


Shopkeepers are fleecing the customers coming to their shops to have fired fish. With the arrival of winter, families throng the shops serving fried fish across Kasur City and surroundings. Fish is one of the famous foods of Kasur district. In cold season, people usually with their families frequently visit the shops of fried fish which are cooked in pure mustard oil and ghee.

 But the shopkeepers overcharge the customers.