The social media is all about sharing information or ideas and building of virtual networks and communities.

but people think, social media destroys human interaction and real life, human relationship. Because of social media our relationship is being more reciprocal. It is easy to communicate with each other anytime, anywhere in the world. However, the craze of social media is being influenced specially on teenagers. It’s become a presence so strong that they cannot seem to live happily without it. I saw many boys, taking selfies with friends, and posting to facebook, etc. Me too, is addicted of social media, like facebook, youtube, etc. It has become our daily habits. We feel more coziness of capturing photos, and then uploading to facebook. Although, Teenagers are addicted to internet. They are so addicted that they can’t stay without sitting online for even a single day. This is due to the increasing of social media.

The main social networking sites are facebook, Instagram, twitter, whatsapp, hike, facebook messenger, are increasing rapidly.

Youngsters do many things on these sites and they spend more hours on playing games.

In addition, The craze of social media is so emotive on teenagers.


Karachi, November 8.