SADIQABAD-Farmers cannot prosper without an end to canal water shortage, said Anjuman-e-Kahstkaran senior vice president Ch Yaseen. Talking to media here, he said that the government should ensure effective steps for the development of the farmers. He said that the sugar mills owners had not started crushing of crops which was causing problems for the farming community.

He said that the government should avoid such steps which could cause chaos in the country. He said that the government made tall claims of making a new Pakistan, but it had led the country to economic crisis.

He added that the people were perturbed by unemployment, inflation, corruption, and injustice, adding that his party would continue struggling for the rights of the farmers.



A local leader of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) said that his party, under the leadership of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, guaranteed peace, stability, and bright future for youths.

Talking to media here, he said that the current rulers were spending money on unnecessary projects instead of investing the money on the welfare of youths.

He said that the current government should provide jobs to unemployed youths, adding that it should provide small loans to unemployed youths on soft terms so that they could establish their own business.

He said that the PPP had always played its role in the development, progress, and peace in the country. “Future belongs to the PPP,” he maintained.


Sewage has accumulated in the streets of Haider Colony, Awami Colony, and Madina Colony due to ineffective sewerage system. Locals told The Nation that the streets of their localities have been flooded as the dirty water has overflowed the gutters.

They demanded that the authorities concerned rehabilitate the sewerage system, and it should place cover on the open manholes.