ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) on Saturday inaugurated a separate medical ward for the transgender community to provide medical facilities for the community.  Minister of National Health Services (NHS) Aamer Mehmood Kiyani along with other 13 projects also inaugurated the transgender ward in which a separate doctor will be also provided for the patients. 

The minister said that PIMS hospital has established a separate ward for transgender community for which a separate doctor will be also provided to them.  He said that the community will be also provided with medicines and other facilities in the hospital without any discrimination. 

The minister also inaugurated a new emergency room at the cardiac centre of the hospital which will contribute in reducing the patients’ burden on the hospital. The hospital has also been provided with nuclear cardiology department.  The minister said that in order to manage the burden of patients visiting the hospital, the token machines have been installed which will help in controlling the rush on counters.  The minister said that ward no.1 and 3 are being renovated and a sitting area is being allocated for the patients and attendants in the emergencies as well.

He said that new dialysis machines have been provided to the hospital. Moreover, to ensure the security of the patients, digital lock system is being provided to the hospital.  The minister also said that the government will issue 20 million health cards to the people living below poverty line in the month of January, while four new hospitals will be established in the city. The minister said that electric machines have been provided to the hospital for maintaining the maximum cleanliness standards in the hospital. He also said that the new machines have also been installed in the kitchen of the hospital. The minister also visited the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) where he was given a detailed briefing of the functions and performances of the council. The minister visited different sections of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.

The minister was apprised that 158 medical colleges’ including public and private medical and dental colleges are running in the country at the moment. He added that till this date the registered medical faculty is 23361 and dental faculty is 4528. The total number of registered Medical and Dental practitioners in the country is 244,782 which include 178,592 general medical practitioners, 20,993 general dental practitioners, 43,181 medical, surgical and allied specialists and 2,016 dental and allied specialists. Pakistan Medical and Dental Council added that 51 meetings of the Council / Executive Committee (EC) were held for early disposal of cases, timely decision-making, framing of rules and regulations etc. 30 Sessions of Council with average of 10 days before that, the Council Sessions were held with average of 40 days 21 meetings of EC held with average of 13 days while previously EC meetings were held with average of 38 days. The Adhoc Council has developed Standards for MBBS Curriculum which was last revised in 2005 and work on BDS Curriculum is under process.