ISLAMABAD - National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser may soon hold a meeting with parliamentary leaders to break the deadlock between PML-N and PTI government over formation of parliamentary bodies for legislative business.

The main purpose of meeting is to initiate legislative business in the parliament pending for the last three months. The 15th National Assembly since start of proceedings has still not initiated proper legislative business due to non-existence of standing committees of all the ministries.

The government side faced much criticism over completion of its 100 days, as a single legislative work was not carried out. Parliamentary sources said the Prime Minister Imran Khan is interested in legislation of anti-money laundering as soon as possible. The legislation could only be possible after the formation of National Assembly committees, which has still not been formed. In order to resolve this matter, sources said, Speaker National Assembly will hold a meeting with parliamentary leaders shortly.

The parliamentary business including bills introduced in the lower house of the parliament will also be properly processed in the parliamentary bodies.  Sources said that PPP-P will also play an important role end impasse over chairmanship of Public Accounts Committee, as both (PML-N and PTI) interested to appoint its party member. The joint opposition due to this reason has not given names for its representation in the standing committees. Sources said speaker National Assembly will ask the parliamentary leaders to give names of their party members for the formation of NA standing committees.

Talking to The Nation, PPP-P senior lawmaker Shazia Marri said that her party would make efforts to break the deadlock by convincing both sides on one name for PAC chairmanship. “We have pointed out this matter over the completion of first 100 days of PTI government. We will play our role to break this standoff now,” said PPP-P lawmaker Shazia Marri.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has shown flexibility and would soon hold a meeting with party members to resolve the issue.

On the other hand, the PML-N wants government to follow the clause of Charter of Democracy (CoD) about awarding chairmanship to leader of opposition in the National Assembly. The standing committees used to properly form in six months after the start of National Assembly but after legislation it was decided to form it in one month after election of PM.

The election for Leader of the House was held on August 17, so deadline of 30 days provided in the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business expired on August 18.