LAHORE-Television show host and actress Nadia Jamil is hailing heartthrob Fawad Khan as a hero after enlightening that he had once helped her during a seizure amidst a flight.

Taking to Twitter, Nadia wrote: “When all goes well but exhaustion finally breaks me down. I have two seizures as the plane lands. Suddenly I hear a voice, ‘It’s ok’ and it’s Fawad Khan , who calls my brother. He opens my suitcase, gives me medicine and doesn’t leave me till I’m safe with my brother. Thanks to him and Dr Anil.”

Nadia continued: “Fawad was amazing. Everyone should be like him in a time of crises. He was off for a shoot but stopped everything to help me till my brother got to me. I truly want my sons to learn from him. Utter gentleman, total humanitarian.”

Earlier this year, Jamil had shared that she suffered 17 seizures in three days and requested fans for prayers.

“Please pray for me my loving family. 17 seizures in three days. My body feels like a cabbage. But I believe in the power of prayer & need to be up and about and running around after this bout of treatment!” she wrote.