Science is creating wonders almost every day of the year since that is 79.99%, giving benefits to us, everything that makes eases our daily life are the wonders of modern science. There are countless objective discovered by the honourable scientists, however, electricity, radio, mobile phones by which we can easily talk to our relative’s computer that is used in controlling and processing the activities of factors and plants. Eventually, have invested so many wonder drugs and the effect of these drugs is so miraculous by means of these drugs so many countless fatal diseases could be controlled, those can be cured by the application of medicine in proper time. That television that has become a medium of learning and the most significant contribution of science to the society and make us aware about the world wide issues, even so, provides knowledge regarding political issues which are essential in every corner of the field of our lives. Furthermore, technology that is the most important and subjective thing to each individual as for removing the confusion which raised in our minds whether about planets or earth and most importantly cars and motorbikes which really helps us in any time of the day and night. Finally, it is my humble request to my readers that use the scientific device in a positive way which helps us to get the things easily and we are comforted all due to the work of scientists and at least we should be serious to prove ourselves.


Turbat, November 9.