LAHORE-Mohsin Naveed Ranjha is a fashion designer who is best known for his ornate bridal collection. Bright colours, rich textiles and intricate embroidery form the base of his collection. MNR is a visionary and an aggressive designer. His love for Pakistan and his appreciation for art are clearly visible through his designs. Recently, Mohsin Naveed got to dress Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh for his latest Filmfare cover. In a brief encounter with The Nation, he talks about his career and success in Fashion Industry. Following are excerpts.

Tell us something about your latest collection in BCW18?

Since fashion weeks, every time, are all about the designers and their creations, this time we thought of putting forward a different idea. Our latest collection in BCW18 is a tribute to my team especially the hard working addawalas, tailors, and errand boys. Who usually go unnoticed and unacknowledged, their hard work is one of the main ingredients that contribute towards an exceptional outcome.

What do you keep in mind when creating each collection? Is there any element that remains constant in them?

Not that there is one but one of the main aspects that has to be kept in mind every time we are out to produce new designs, is our heritage. It’s rich and yet to be explored further. I would say it’s the hard work, the creativity, the ideas, the entire thought process behind every task that has to stay constant throughout, and has also become our signature now. Speaking specifically about a constant design element, I think it would be the traditional elephant motive and the tassels.

Do you feel appalled by the copycat culture and business turns being taken by local industry?

I am strongly against imitated-notions; copycat culture is a turnoff. Every individual has his/her own style, own background and own experiences to draw out inspirations from. Individuality is so important and worth bringing forward, rather than copying what someone else did and not having your own identity.

Brides are now trying to break free from tradition. How challenging is that for you as a designer?

Well you can say that but from what I have learned, working in this industry since long, is that it’s on the contrary these days - many brides are rather returning to the tradition. They want a complete traditional themed wedding where they can live every moment to the fullest and have memories to make. I believe this is a great turning point for us.

Moving over to Bollywood, tell us about your recent shoot for film fare with Ranveer Singh? How did it happen?

I was in contact with Ranveer’s team from last two years, his team and he personally checked our work before any final commitment. Glad that he loved our designs and officially took us onboard. That’s how the journey started! One of the best experiences I have had so far!!

When you work with stars, there comes a possibility of clash between you and the other designers they work with. How does that equation work?

It totally depends on how good your approach is and how expert you are at managing tasks. You have to work on your profile-building in such a way that it does not damage others’. Thankfully I have not really had such an experience of a clash, and I prefer working with professional stars who know how to divide their time.

As a designer you participate in fashion weeks all over the world where do you relish the most showcasing your creations?

I don’t take my work as a job or a duty; it’s something I love doing no matter wherever I am in the world. There are many places I have been to and enjoyed working, but if you ask specifically for one, that has to be here in Pakistan.

Has the hustle of today’s business taken fun away from fashion? How do you strike a balance between creative expression and commercial viability?

I think fashion and hustle come hand in hand. Fun is in the hustle, I guess. As a designer I divide my outfits. There are some pieces solely for the commercial purpose, and then there are some pieces serving the purpose of my creative expression which gradually make their way to the commercial section again, because people like them as well.

What do you have to say about the melange of technology and fashion that we get to see these days?

The concept of fashion is changing drastically and is getting broader and more approachable. This dynamic industry is in the midst of a journey to unleash the full potential of digital technologies and the consistent adoption of innovative technologies over the last few years has shown that fashion’s association with technology is unlikely to fade away soon. To me, it’s a great transaction.

Since the wedding season is just around the corner, what are the new trends MNR will be introducing this season?

My team has been working hard on creating new and innovative designs for us to stand out among other prestigious brands of the industry. This time, Mohsin Naveed will be introducing the trend of grand, royal and regal brides, and it would be an honour for us if our work gets even a bit of recognition and appreciation having known the fact that there are many other significant fellow designers working day and night, side-by-side as well.

Would you like to tell us about your upcoming Project?

Well, how about we let that stay behind the curtains for now? But I assure it would be something more interesting and exciting for all of us and we are really looking forward to it.