U-turn is merit of a leader, says our PM. His stance is close to reality seen from various angles. However, while justifying his analogy of U-turns, the PM should not have alluded to Napoleon and Hitler. Instead he might have referred to Allama Inayatullah Mashraqi, who did not use politics as weapon to avert direct clash of his organization with the occupation forces. Scores of young boys were brutally murdered. Had he shown little flexibility and negotiated with the representatives of the British forces, thousands of his followers would have been saved from being massacred by the brutal occupation forces. Not to change policy of rigidity is fraught with dangers. One could achieve his objective by following the path of reconciliation rather than confrontation. The wisdom lies in achieving one’s objective without loosing a fly to catch a fish. However, the PM needs to learn art of silence than speaking without deeply and carefully thinking about any issue he wants to communicate on.


Islamabad, November 20.