In a visit to Punjab over the weekend, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Chief Minister Buzdar’s foes would have to wait four years. This is not the first time that the PM has expressed such confidence in his CM Punjab. And indeed his repeated expression of confidence has destroyed naysayers within PTI. Many of these naysayers have been lobbying for Mr Buzdar’s job long before he had it. And many of them are peeved that they neither play golf with him, or bridge, nor do they know him from university or school. It is precisely the promise Imran Khab had made that is fulfilled in his choice of CM, that a new face has been given a chance.

Many of the chief ministers detractors cannot claim to have met him, their opinion is formed through the negative reporting they see. Which none of the video media gurus has bothered to correct. Simply because it suits them for the Prime Minister to see criticism of his choice on television. The gossip has done the rounds looking for alleged corruption, favouritism, the mystic reason for the chief minister being given the job. There is no doubt that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Mr Buzdar. In him the Prime Minister can prove his theory that new faces can handle any portfolio as well as established politicians used to. So far it is correct to say that it is not Punjab or its cabinet that has provided for PTI some of the most notable blunders committed by the government. Rather the federal cabinet with many experienced hands has been responsible for the mistakes so far. Most notable and recent among which was the failure to correctly notify the extension of the army chief.

Mr Imran Khan should not give heed to those in his party who are jealous of his repeated expression of confidence and trust in the chief minister of Punjab. He should instead look to reforming the federal cabinet and his inner circle. The Prime Minister requires a variety of views around him and some of some of these views should come from persons who he instinctively want to give a chance. The chief minister needs direction and training which the Prime Minister must continue to give him. In the end the chief minister may be the Prime Minister’s best new find.