LAHORE - City police registered a criminal case against more than 300 people who attended the Students Solidarity March in Lahore last week.

Police sources said on Sunday that the case was registered with the Civil Lines police station against the participants who chanted slogans against state institutions and made derogatory speeches.

A police official last night told The Nation that a few student leaders were arrested by police during a late night operation in Lahore on Saturday. Alamgir Khan Wazir and Iqbal Lala were nominated in the FIR while more than 300 unidentified persons have also been booked in the criminal case.

Reportedly, Alamgir Khan Wazir was arrested by police from the University of Punjab. However, the university’s administration said that Alamgir Khan Wazir is not a student of the Punjab University.

People from various walks of life including students and rights activists took to the streets across Pakistan to join Students Solidarity March On November 29. They were demanding restoration of students union.

PML-N Information Secretary Marriyum Aurangzeb has condemned Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement describing student unions as violent groups.

In a statement issued here on Sunday, she said the incumbent government led by the PTI is the “real violent organization” that has clamped down on the constitutional right of freedom of expression.

Marriyum said those calling the students violent are guilty of the most vicious violence themselves as they attacked the august parliament, brought down its gates and assaulted security officials and police officers. She said there is a complete dichotomy in what Imran says on twitter and what he and his regime actually practice on ground. Supporting Student Unions on twitter, she said registering fake FIRs against PML-N shows the hypocritical approach of Imran.

The former information minister said using every tool of oppression possible, the Imran-led mafia is crushing every voice of dissent and criticism, including the parliament, the opposition and the media of the country.

Marriyum demanded that government withdraw the FIR against the teachers and students with immediate effect and free all those arrested. She demanded that all vengeful actions against the students and teachers must seize immediately.

The PML-N spokesperson said curbing the right of freedom of expression reflects the dictatorial and tyrannical mindset of this imposed regime.