ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday said that they would establish a comprehensive and enforceable code of conduct, learning from the best practices in the internationally renowned universities, so that they could restore and enable student unions to play their part in positively grooming their youth as future leaders of the country.

In a series of tweets, the prime minister said that the universities groomed future leaders of the country and student unions form an integral part of this grooming.

“Unfortunately, in Pakistan universities’ student unions became violent battlegrounds and completely destroyed the intellectual atmosphere on campuses,” he further posted.

Special Assistant to PM on Information and Broadcasting Firdous Ashiq Awan said in her Twitter messages on Sunday that young generation is the country’s precious asset and hope to bright future.

Firdous said the interpretation of the dreams of youth is the prime mission of Prime Minister Imran Khan, adding the premier ordered for resolution of issues of the students. “The PM asked federation and provinces to envisage strategies [for students]. The demand for rights from the students is a good sign which reflected their consciousness and thoughtfulness.”

She added that the students have to bring a new democratic leadership with new thoughts and insights and they have aims to fight every challenge.

She urged for character building of the youth specially students based on principles of hard work and truth.

On Friday last, students, activists and supporters across the country came out to join the Student Solidarity March, led by the Student Action Committee (SAC), to present a charter of demands including the restoration of student unions and better education facilities.