LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has said the forces, which helped the PTI rise to power, feel embarrassed because of the non-serious attitude of the rulers in running the government’s affairs. “Political parties always come to power in Pakistan with the support of the hidden powers, but this is the first time that rulers made their backers uncomfortable in such a short span of time,” said the JI emir while talking to the media at Mansoora on Sunday. He earlier addressed the JI Youth Southern Punjab Leaders Convention at the party headquarters.Siraj said the mafias were ruling over the country for seven decades, plundering nation’s wealth and resources and stashing the money in foreign banks. The PTI, he said, had claimed to be an agent of change, but proved itself an agent of mafias and the status quo.

The government, he said, damaged every sector ranging from economy to foreign policy and law and order, breaking all records of bad governance.  The rulers, said the JI chief, damaged the Kashmir cause and passed the time paying lip service to the Kashmir issue while Kashmiris have been under siege for four months. He warned rulers against the Indian designs, saying the time was running out to take some bold steps on Kashmir. He said New Delhi was bent upon blocking Pakistan’s waters from western rivers and turning the country into a desert. If designs of the Modi government, he warned, are not thwarted immediately, the country’s sovereignty, God forbid, will be in danger. But, he said, he had least expectations from the present rulers that they would act decisively against India. He said the JI had started the “Save Kashmir Movement” from the day the Modi government abrogated the special status of Kashmir. The purpose of the movement, he added, was to express solidarity with the Kashmirirs and put pressure on the government and the international community to end its silence and help people to exercise their right to self determination granted them under the UN resolutions. The JI chief said the nature had gifted Pakistan with enormous resources and country’s youth was the most precious asset of the nation. There was a need to utilise these gifts for a good cause, he said, adding the JI was striving hard to educate and activate the young generation to bring the real change in the country.