The whole nation was completely shocked to know about more than 73 people, more are on count, who were killed due to apparent blast caused by gas cylinder in Tezgam train in Rahimyar Khan, unfortunately, some of victims have been identified yet. According to some of the passengers, train kept on pacing forward despite ferocious fire; the brakes in the bogies were dysfunctional. Ironically, Gas cylinders are noticeably prohibited items that cannot be carried as luggage.

What is very lacking is the responsibility of the railways to safeguard safety guidelines which are supposed to be monitored by authorities unlike Airport authorities which have far more stringent and strict rules to follow. Placing the blame on passengers without proper strict monitoring is tantamount to throwaway the incident in the same old junk-box. The concerned authorities must take the Health Safety measure to prevent such casualties and take vehement measures to ascertain the real cause of the incident. Let’s not make life is very cheap in Pakistan.