SIALKOT             -         A widow avenged the brutal murder of her young son by killing his murderer after seven years here in village Buttar the other night.

According to police sources, the suspect identified as Nouman alias Kodo, had shot dead local widow Parveen Bibi’s young son Azeem over a minor dispute in 2012 (seven years ago) in village Buttar. The police had arrested the accused Nouman alias Kodo after registration of a murder case against him. The District and Session court had awarded death sentence to the accused in the murder cases. A few days ago, the Lahore High Court (LHC) had freed the accused due to lack of evidence against him.

Widow Parveen Bibi, however, had sworn not to wear shoes in her feet until avenge her son’s killing. She had been barefooted for the last seven years. Police said that accused widow Parveen Bibi, her son Tasleem and their two unidentified armed companions laid in ambush in the Dera of accused Nouman alias Kodo and they shot him dead when he reached there.

The accused danced there and performed “Bhangra” after killing Kodo. They fled the spot by loudly shouting that they have avenged brutal murder of their son by killing his killer.