LAHORE - In continuation of the past Sundays forced loadshedding by the Regional Control Centre Islamabad hit the large part of the City this Sunday also, hence, the majority of the areas lost electricity for five to 10 hours incessantly. Hospital sources reported that almost all hospitals remained without electricity when the continuous power cuts stricken the provincial capital. Lesco officials confirmed that all the major localities witnessed an electricity blackout for a long time when the Regional Control Centre in Islamabad closed down the all main feeders, to save the system, as demand and supply gap jumped to its peak. Residents said water supplies had run out, as electricity experienced a perpetual blackout, leaving residents helpless and disturbed. Residents complained that it was a normal routine that every Sunday they have to suffer power shutdowns for a long duration though electricity demand on Sundays reduced considerably as all markets, shopping malls, industries and public and private offices remain closed. Residents said the power outages have once again began to sting the citizens, as a series of unannounced loadshedding have been reported across the country including the city. Meanwhile, almost all residential areas in the city experienced at least 10 hours loadshedding during the daytime. The power outages have also affected water supply in many areas of the city. Loadshedding affected areas of Samanabad, Model Town, Garden Town, Multan Road, Shahdra, Mozang, Walled City, Johar Town, Iqbal Town, Chohang, Mughalpura, Ravi Road and Sabzazar. Prolonged power outages were reported in Gulshan-e-Ravi, Inside Bhati, Landa Bazaar, Shah Alam Area, Rang Mahahl and several other parts of the city. Well-informed sources in the Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) said that due to overloading several grid stations in the city continued to trip throughout the day, as a result the citizens were deprived of electricity for continuous five to eight hours in different areas. Residents of Allama Iqbal Town and Multan Road stated that they were disturbed due to electricity shutdown since 10:00am. They also complained that Lesco officials were incapable of giving any reason for the unannounced loadshedding on Sunday. Citizens also lamented that they tried their best to contact Lesco office but not a single call was attended by the officials. A woman from Johar Town informed The Nation that they had suffered at least 12 hours power outages. She said they were happy that after opening of the canals and releases of water and power generation would be enhanced and resultantly the shutdowns series would be reduced. The citizens also protested against the disturbance in power supply, which, according to them affected their all appliances. They added that due to frequent power shutdowns and voltage fluctuations they had to suffer loss in terms of electronic goods. Pepco spokesperson claimed that supply of oil from PSO to thermal power stations of 3,300 megawatt was halted due to unknown reasons. He said that Muzaffar Garh power plant consumed 10,000 tons of oil per day for generating electricity, which was not getting its supply due to transportation problems.