ISLAMABAD (APP) - Auto mechanics in commercial areas have established their workshops on footpath and alongside of the roads creating hardships both for the motorists and pedestrians. This is also causing hindrance in the smooth flow of traffic, pedestrian have no choice but to walk on the road in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The mechanics parked their vehicles for repairing and block roads creating problems for the residents. The pedestrian specially women and children have no choice but to walk on the road which is very risky for them and the nuisance of the mechanics also dimming the beauty of the sectors. A residents of G-7, Mursalin told this news agency that the auto mechanics activities is increasing day by day and the whole area is giving an ugly look. Owners of these Auto Mechanics have not only occupied two lanes of the roads but have also encroached upon both the footpaths, literally leaving no space for pedestrians and forcing them to walk on the busy artery amid fast-moving vehicles. The occupation of the footpaths and two lanes of the busy road by these Auto Mechanics's owners " perturbed citizens have urged the district administration and the relevant town authorities to take action against the encroachers.