American democracy has always managed to find great leaders in times of great crises. Sometime as in the case of Washington, the choice has been reasoned and deliberate. At other times, as in the case of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, it has been largely fortuitous. On January 20, 2009, Barack Hussain Obama made history by taking oath as 44th president of USA. Following the tradition of his great leader, Abraham Lincoln, he took the symbolic train journey from Philadelphia to Washington by Obama Express. That gesture showed that Barack Obama would pursue such policies as adopted by his leader Lincoln. Lincoln it was who abolished slavery and safely took the country out of the storms of civil war. His declared policy was to have "malice towards none, charity for all". Being the only super power in a unipolar world, America has lately become the most hated country of the world. This is because of an extremely biased foreign policy pursued with brute force by the previous Republican regime. If Barack H. Obama didn't review the American policies towards the Muslim countries, the situation in future would not change for the better. The present skewed stance of US is due to influence of Israel. This influence is destroying the US reputation and stature all over the world. It is the right time for the Democrats to re-design the American foreign policy entirely. -ANWAR ALI SHAH, Chitral, via e-mail, January 20.