ISLAMABAD (APP)- The Ministry of Population Welfare will send religious scholars abroad so that they can have a fresh look at the successful population welfare policies adopted by Muslim countries. In an interview with this news agency, Federal Minister for Population Welfare Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan said they want to follow in the footsteps of Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Syria which with the help of their religious scholars succeeded in controlling population explosions. The Minister told about her plans to send a group of six religious scholars to Muslim countries where they will hold discussions on subjects of population welfare and family planning. The group will be sent to Syria and Egypt this month. A group led by Secretary Population Welfare was sent to Morocco. The group brought back different case studies which are being translated into Urdu language.Each member of these groups will hold orientation sessions at provincial level. Similar sessions will be held at district and union council level. The scholars who will be sent abroad will belong to the four provinces, FATA, FANA, AJK and Northern Areas, she explained. She said religious groups enjoy a lot of clout in society and unfortunately many of them consider that family planning is against the teachings of religion. She said it is generally perceived that population welfare is just associated with family planning. Its real concept was that family planning is only a segment of population welfare, she said adding population welfare extends to development, education, health, jobs and poverty reduction plans.She said the ministry can only fulfill its ambitious objectives in coordination with health, education and other ministries.It is widely observed that where there is ignorance, population explosion occurs. Other social indicators and overall conditions of a country also play an important role. A population, which is equipped with education, can better address the issues of food insecurity, energy and economic crisis, she noted. Dr. Firdous said a major policy revision is needed for a targeted focus on civil society and rural population for better implementation of population welfare policies. She pointedly said a major hurdle is that rural population does not own the family planning programme. So family planning strategies must take into account the aspirations of masses, she added. The Minister said the new government vision is not only confined to family planning.