NEW DELHI (Agencies) - In what could be a major turnaround for Indian policy and a sign of a new confidence over the Kashmir issue, the Indian government sources have said Kashmir will not be off the table when Obama's Special Envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke comes calling. Holbrooke is expected to undertake a visit to India on February 15 and 16, providing him the first opportunity to share with the Obama administration evidence regarding Mumbai attacks. Top sources in the government on Sunday told CNN-IBN that all issues related to Pakistan and terrorism will be talked about with Holbrooke, even the Kashmir issue. Sources also claimed that all countries given the 26/11 dossier agree that Pakistan is involved in the Mumbai attacks and now the thrust of the diplomatic offensive is to prove the involvement of official agencies in Pakistan. Through Holbrooke, according to the channel, India is expected to impress upon the new US government the need for suspending military aid to Pakistan in view of its lack of cooperation in curbing terrorism emanating from there. The conversations India had with Obama's transition team had been positive and encouraging and New Delhi intends to build on this during Holbrooke's visit to India.