KARACHI - Syed Rasool Moosavi, Director General of the Iranian foreign ministry Political and International Studies Centre, Tehran, said that United States did not have the courage to attack Iran's nuclear facilities. Talking to newsmen at Iranian Consulate here on Sunday, he said that Israel should be held accountable for the massacre and bloodshed of innocent Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. He said it was a barbarous act and called it murder after Israel managed to kill 1,300 civilians in its 22-day ordeal including more than 400 children. He said that the Palestinian struggle was the struggle for freedom of their land from the illegal occupation of Zionist state Israel adding that Iran considered the freedom movement of Palestine as their own movement and vowed that his country continued their fully support to the people of Palestine. Reiterating the stance of the Iran over its nuclear program, he said that Iran would not compromise on its nuclear programme as it was completely civilian and had nothing to do with the strategic purpose. He further said that the dialogue with US would not be possible till her acceptance of the right of Iran peaceful nuclear program. He said Tehran had complete control over its nuclear programme, with local scientists now giving it its final touch. Moosavi also commented that a military nuclear programme couldn't ensure the security of a nation as we saw with the former USSR. He said that Muslim countries needed to do more hailing the walkout by Turkey's Prime Minister Tayyib Erdogan from a talk show in Davos. He said that Tehran considers terrorism as terrorism and disagrees that it erupts or evolves from certain parts of the world. He said the law and order situation in the South Asian region was very sensitive, and asked all the feuding countries to sit down and talk to each other. He said international forces were responsible for the insecurity in South Asia, adding that the region would be in turmoil when these forces leave. On the occasion, Iranian Ambassador in Pakistan, Mashallah Shakri said that Iran still could play a serious role in taking Pakistan out of its financial crisis. He invited either President Asif Zardari or Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani to Tehran for signing the final agreement. Shakeri also called Iran Balochistan border as a symbol of peace, saying there were a few perpetrators who were trying to destabilise the region. He expressed that Iran could not meet Pakistan's demand to reduce the gas rates as it was an international supplier and supplying gas to all its customers at the same rate.