In a move aimed at stabilising Pakistan's slumping economy, Japan plans to hold an international-ministerial-level donors conference next month to drum up aid for Islamabad. "Japan envisions the participation of countries such as fellow Group of Eight (G-8) member nations and China," Japanese Government sources said. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) had last year decided on a USD 7.6 billion emergency financing package to help Pakistan meet its serious balance of payments difficulties. But the Japanese government feels that the amount was insufficient and hopes to discuss at the conference additional aid to the country of around several billion dollars, the sources were quoted as saying by the Kyodo news agency. Japan is apparently hoping that the move would help reinforce its ties with the United States, seeing that President Barack Obama has placed priority on stabilising Pakistan and Afghanistan as part of efforts to fight terrorism, the sources said. In his foreign policy address to parliament last week, Foreign Minister Hirofumi Nakasone reiterated Japan's pledge to step up assistance to Afghanistan and give support to Pakistan to fight terrorism and stabilise its economy.