PESHAWAR " Federal Minister for Narcotics Control Nawab-zada Khawaja Muhammad Khan Hoti Sunday announced to quit the cabinet in protest against the Awami National Party (ANP) leadership neglecting him in decision-making process. Addressing a Press conference here, the minister said the decision of resignation was made to protest poor law and order situation and rampant corruption in NWFP. He complained about the party indifference towards him and demanded of the Chief Minister NWFP to resign. He also complained that the problems of his constituency were not being taken into consideration, adding even the provincial government didn't take him into confidence in any matter of the province. However, Hoti has not yet decided whether or not he would retain the National Assembly membership, which he had won on ANP ticket in February 2008 general elections. However, However, NWFP Minister for Information and Inter-Provincial Coordination Mian Iftikhar Hussain strongly rejected the allegations of Khwaja Muhammad Khan Hoti on the provincial government. He termed it a very non-serious act and clear violation of the party discipline. The Minister said Khwaja Muhammad Khan Hoti is the member of central, provincial and consultative committee of the party and said that that if he has any kind of difference with the party or over government policy, he should have raised it in the concerned forum of the party. While talking to a private TV channel, the ANP spokesman said that Hoti must also abandon basic membership of ANP and should resign as MNA. He said that ANP was a disciplined party and has rules and regulations to deal such cases of violation of party discipline. The spokesman said that Hoti has not yet conveyed the party about his resignation decision - verbally or in writing. Belonging to a well influential family from Mardan, Muhammad Khan Hoti emerged on political scene in 1986 when he tried his hand to clinch the NA seat fell vacant after his uncle, also happened to be his father-in-law, late Abdul Ghafoor Khan Hoti relinquished it following his nomination as NWFP Governor. But he faced defeat. In 1988, he joined Pakistan People's Party and elected to NWFP Assembly. He had served as Education Minister in Aftab Sherpao cabinet in 1988-90. He was unable to retain the seat in 1990 elections, however won back the seat in 1993 and played an important role in toppling Pir Sabir Shah government and empowering Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao. He again served as minister in NWFP cabinet in 1994-96. Later, he was made PPP NWFP General Secretary and after a period of one year, Hoti was made PPP Provincial President. In 2002 elections he, however, was replaced by Rahimdad Khan and in retaliation, he set up his own faction of PPP as Hoti Group. And in 2005, he joined the ANP and become its Central Vice President.