Mian Nawaz Sharif's call to the people to come on roads seems to be quite exciting and tempting for a person like him having greater political ambition but felt increasingly constrained in the present political dispensation for one reason or the other. Why not create an opening for yourself and come back in power corridors with bang in an early election instead of wasting more time with tried and tested PPP. After all the people are supportive of the position he held on the populist issues like the restoration of CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry, while the PPP is slightly down for not honouring its commitments. The picture that Nawaz Sharif sees or his close aides showed him is quite rosy. But it will be quite nave on his part if he considers that time is quite ripe for such a move. It would surely lead to confrontational politics, and Mian Sahib may not be able to get the desired results. One could see Nawaz Sharif adopting a more confrontational stance these days. First, he announced in a very sentimental fashion his party's whole-hearted support for the Lawyers' movement. He followed through with his commitment and made sure the reception organized for recent visit of Iftikhar Ch turned out to be a great event after PML (N) support. Now he is asking the people to come on the road and restore the Iftikhar Ch. The ominous noises that top PML (N) leader is making has already jolted the entire country with people starting imagining what could be the result if Nawaz becomes successful in brining out people on the road. Already the chances of survival of PML (N)-PPP coalition are very slim since he cut loose and announced support for the Lawyers' movement with the participants both lawyers and PML (N) workers spitting venom on no person less than President Zardari. But the way Nawaz is calling people out on the streets to participate in the Long March and sit-in afterwards and that too in a great rebellious mood is a step even farther on his confrontational course, injecting an added instability in the politics. Interestingly, the lawyers are planning their march and sit-in in the month of March when all-important Senate elections are due. The calls issued by Nawaz Sharif, however, did not sit well with vast sections of society badly longing their leaders to deliver. The people did not like the confrontational style of Sharif so early in the inning when the memories of Pervaiz Musharraf's rule and mismanagement are still fresh in their minds. In fact these calls to the people to come out on streets at this time when the country is facing multiple crises did not find much resonance from the society. The public overwhelmingly want the present political leadership to move forward and overcome the challenges confronting the country on both internal and external fronts instead of returning to the politics when nonpolitical forces called the shots, using the political forces for their own vested interests. Any confrontation at this stage will be a great blow to the country's image also. The International community expects from the political forces to lend hand to each other to deepen the roots of democracy achieved after a protracted struggle against the dictatorship. It also sounds pretty strange to see Nawaz Sharif opting for street politics instead of engaging with other political forces to amend the 17th amendment and resolve other issues being agitated by the PML (N) leadership through political means. The newfound hostility showed by the Sharif also dented their credibility. Already Nawaz Sharif's style of doing politics is under a greater scrutiny among the political circles. It is viewed that Nawaz Sharif by adopting extreme positions is fast losing space in the present political system. There is also perception right or wrong that these calls on the part of Nawaz Sharif reflect his growing frustration. He is unable to get any relief from the present set-up, sensing that PPP is not ready to adopt constitutional changes that suits Nawaz Sharif and could bring him relief required to play an effective role in the country's politics. It is also being claimed that Nawaz Sharif has got the wind as to what apex court verdict could be in his and his brother's eligibility case. Hence the Sharif's recourse to politics, holding on firmly to a populist issue, supporting the lawyers' movement to create difficulties for the PPP government. It seems that PML (N) leaders and workers too are divided and demoralized over the recent tactics adopted by the party. One could easily find a sense of demoralization creeping in among party's rank and file, especially those who recently contested elections against heavy odds. Finding the public opinion against such a confrontation style and the calls Nawaz Sharif made recently, the party leadership in the Punjab tried to make amends in a move seen as a damage control measure. The party announced the long over-due leaders of standing committees several of them from the PPP. The party leadership also promised to keep the PPP-PML (N) coalition intact at every cost. E-mail: nadeemsyed@nation.com.pk