RAWALPINDI - Most of the city overhead bridges, which provide convenience to the pedestrians to cross the jam-packed roads and railway tracks, turned into business spots due to the sheer negligence of the authorities concerned causing bothersome to the citizens. Fortune-tellers, palmists, quack dentists and beggars have encroached most of the space on the bridges and turned this blessing into irksome for the pedestrians, especially for women. Hawkers and vendors on overhead bridges have grabbed a space of 2 to 3 feet, selling merchandise ranging from food items, glasses and minute household items to cheap daily use items like watches, radios and toys. They also include sometimes masons asking for some pennies giving excuse that they did not get labour for the last 5 or 6 days. "No doubt, we are running our business in a good profit as we make a sizeable income of up to Rs 400 per day in normal routine days," a quack dentist Naeem Safi told TheNation. Naeem is running two outlets of his makeshift clinic on 'Pohri Pul' a busy overhead bridge on railway track in Saddar, Rawalpindi and second one on Shamsabad overhead bridge on Murree Road. A passer-by Javed Ahmed, resident of Railway Colony said; "Overhead bridges meant for pedestrians are encroached upon by these people. Beggars have encroached on the stairs of the bridge and sleep there at night." Interestingly, a "precious" stones seller told that he was a government servant working as Naib-Qasid in morning time and it was his side business. "Beggars in the stairs have adopted a new tactic as they show themselves mentally retorted and snaffle your leg or shirt and don't let you go till getting some money," a woman Khalida told who was crossing the railway track under the bridge.