KARACHI - The Provincial IG Police, Sultan Salahuddin Babar Khatak has called upon the investigation officers to give up the obsolete system and adopt modern investigation standards. He said that if they have sincerity of purpose the offences of robberies dacoities, street crimes and murders can be controlled and anti-state elements taken to task. Addressing a workshop on Crime Scene Management at CPO, he told them that their performance can build-up the image of department among the people. He advised them to investigate a crime minutely on the basis of solid evidence so that culprits does not escape the clutches of law. He hoped that they would learn a lot from this workshop and benefit from the experiences of their superiors. He said it has always been his endeavor to streamline the working of all police departments on modern lines and this workshop is part of the same. Niaz Ahmed Siddiqi, a former IG attended the workshop specially and police is the only department which has the right to investigate and which is not available to any other agency. Speaking on the topic of Preservation of Crime Scene Evidence, he said there is need to keep close watch on evidence during investigation. He said some time minor evidence, which sometime remain invisible, but if preserved with the help of scene video, photo and outlines, greatly help in case investigation at a later stage. He observed that some time due to weather conditions or rains, the evidence at a crime scene are erased. But, if preserved in camera or video, it can help at a later stage. He pointed out that weak investigation brings bad name. however, preservation of evidence at the crime scene can prove a first step towards better case position. He said that nothing should be touched with hand at the crime scene nor anything should be shifted and it is essential for investigation officer to adopt precautionary steps by essentially making use of jacket and gloves. Niaz Siddiqui emphasised that obsolete investigation system will have to be changed and proceed with investigation as per modern trends. Spot lighting on crime and crime scene, he told the workshop participants to benefit from the experiences of their seniors. Niaz Ahmed Khoso another speaker on the occasion cited examples of cases he investigated and how he solved them with the help of evidences. Mushtaq Maher and AIG Criminology Abdul Khaliq Shaikh also addressed the workshop and said that Police's finger print department will son start working on modern lines. DIG Headquarters described the exchange of views at the workshop valuable for the participants and said that police image among people would improve only when a change would be brought in their attitudes and carry out investigation on modern lines.