Having received the slap of a shoe in the face, George Bush, at last, left the White House and Obama took over the charge as the 44th President of America pledging 'a new way forward'. The first ceremony held in the White House shows Obama has realized the misconception of the New World Order and rejected the wrong and controversial policies of the killer of thousands of innocent people. It is hoped that Barack Obama, as his name suggests, would prove to be a blessing for the world. He will prove to be the leader who shall move America towards relations with the Islamic world that are 'based on mutual interest and respect' as he has himself declared in his first inaugural speech. The newly elected president is fully aware of the plight of the downtrodden because he himself has grown out of poverty. He knows the curse it is to be poor. He has pledged to help the poor nations of the world. He must keep in mind that "The people judge you on what you build, not what you destroy". -TAHIR JAHAN NIAZI, Lahore, via e-mail, January 21.