The unjustified, inhuman and downright cruel increase in the prices of gas by 'the government of the people' has compelled me to write these few lines. There seems no logical reason why the government has increased the price of gas from January 1, 2009. The prices of crude oil have gone down to US$35 from US$147 and so have the prices of gas, by one-third. No rational mind would buy the argument that prices had to be increased as the consumption of gas had increased in winter. That is no fault of the masses. Beside why do we elect a government? To ensure that it would manage in a way that people do not suffer. To me, this government looks almost the same as the one we had during the time of Pervez Musharraf a year back. He had also imported advisors like Salman Shah who did nothing but tax the people. I know Zardari-led PPP would not pay heed to it but I would advise them not take to take the people for granted, nor assume that they can rule this country like this for the next four years. People of Pakistan would not tolerate this 'dictatorship without uniform' for a very long time. -ABDUL RAUF, Fateh Jang, via e-mail, January 17.