Mr. Zardari calls the journalist 'terrorists' despite the fact that 80 percent of them are so beholden to him (because of their owners) that they are totally pliant towards him both in the electronic and print media.. Some of them even go to the extent of projecting him as a messiah beyond every sin of omission and commission. Remainder of the twenty percent, that are not so pliant, cautiously hold the opposing views. This is because Mr. Zardari is quite capable of bullying and terrorizing them, his interior advisor being so terrifying. The (terrifying) advisor is now menacing Nawaz Sharif, urging him not to participate in lawyers' Long March on the pretext of internal-external hazards. The PPP has no guilt or remorse about its breach of national pledges. It is deceiving the people with empty promises of a rosy future even while its abject and total failure is visible to all. By its unconstitutional conduct of government, PPP has not only betrayed people but even the legacy of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto whose name it is vainly exploiting for most undesirable advantage. Her sacrifices have given them what they did not deserve. -SALMAN KHAN, Multan, via e-mail, January 19.