The 25-member peace mission that went to India last week may as well be called Mission Impossible. The group was given no formal reception at arrival, only personal friends turned up to collect them. They too seemed conspicuously cool towards the visitors. One member of the pro-Pakistan lobby, once enthusiastic about these exchanges, seemed to have lost his appetite for Indo-Pak friendship. It unfolded that he had lost a friend in the Mumbai tragedy. That explains. The only dignitary to give audience to the Pakistani peace missionaries was the Indian foreign secretary, a former ambassador to Pakistan. We hear he treated the meeting as a chore he had to struggle through. It seems the Indians were just stopping short of slamming the door. But then they say never slam the door shut. You may just want to come back on another fruitless junket. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * We are quite sure that Mr Shahid Malik, Pakistan's high commissioner to New Delhi has had weeks of sleepless nights riding the post Mumbai anti-Pakistan storm in India. But here is some good news that could act as a sleeping pill, making him feel as secure as if he lived in a bunker. Apparently, President Zardari feels that all will be well if His Excellency is accessorized with a bulletproof, state-of-the-art, security-perfect Merc. We hear that an order has been placed with the German manufacturer and the high commissioner's personal driver has been summoned to Islamabad to undertake the necessary training. Well, you lose some ( sleep) you win a Merc * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * We hear that our top politicians are now in the race to acquire another lifestyle accessory. That is a gourmet chef. Ch Shujaat Hussain seems to have taken the cake here. We are told that Chaudhry Sahib persuaded a chef working at the swanky restaurant, Aylanto, to cross over to his side and whip up the best health food platter that money can buy. Friends and family are now routinely treated to such culinary delights. Muhammad Ali Durrani, not to be left behind in the race, is digging into his money line and serving the best Thai food his chef can muster. At Raiwind, Mian Nawaz Sharif is sticking to the family tradition and serving his friends mouthwatering desi food, only a Gowalmandi chef can offer. Take your pick.