LAHORE - Pakistan’s world snooker champion M Asif made a great comeback before breezing into the semi-finals of Sangsom Mukdahan Cup beating Praprut Chaithanasakun in Mukdahan, Thailand on Friday.

Asif stormed back to repair the loss of two opening sets to post 47-66, 26-52, 71-29, 62-50, 100-29, 7-72 and 71-5 to oust Thai No 7 in front of a packed crowd, according to information made available here. Asif fired a break of 47 in the beginning frame and missed a simple red on the top pocket. Praprut punished him with a break of 59 from the last five red to the pink and snatched the first frame of the match at the score of 66-47.

On frame two, after losing his first frame in three matches, Asif was a bit vulnerable and continued to make more simple mistakes leaving chances to Praprut to win the second frame at 52-26. Asif pulled one back on frame three with a break of 30 to go 56-9 in front. Praprut couldn’t capitalise his chances and lost the frame when Asif finished off from the yellow to blue at 71-29.

Frame four was a turning point for Praprut as Asif went ahead with two breaks of 20 and 24 to go 44-1 up and extended the lead to 53-24 with two reds left on the table. Praprut got the two reds but lost the green to Asif. Praprut snookered the white behind the brown, Asif couldn’t escape the snooker and Praprut potted the brown and blue to trail only 50-56. Unfortunately, he put too much pace on the cue ball coming out of the bottom cushion back for the pink after potted the blue and leaving him a thin cut on the pink. Needed both colours to win, Praprut attempted for the cut and jawed the top pocket leaving Asif an easy pink to snatch the frame to level two all at 62-50.

Asif won frame five easily after put together two breaks of 33 and 67 to win the frame 100-29. Praprut came back strongly on the sixth to level at three all with 72-7. On the final frame, both were playing safety shots in the beginning and no one managed to put the break together until after five reds. Asif had his chance and registered a winning break of 57 to win the decider 71-5 and booked his place in the semi-final to be played today (Saturday) at 3pm.