KARACHI - Increasing marine pollution, residents’ inaccessibility to potable water and the poverty together have made the people of coastal areas vulnerable to face diseases. During interviews with the locals by TheNation in Ibrahim Hydri, the largest fishermen locality, it was learned that a large number of children were suffering from complications of preventable measles, which has caused death of over 600 children in the province.More than a dozen children were lying in bed at their residents and the parents were unaware what to do, in the situation when they are unable to take them to hospitals for treatment because of poverty and being incapable to bear the expenses of hospitals.“Poverty due to declining fish catch is itself a major problem, forcing coastal workforce to die of hunger. They do not have alternative resources to earn and live a safe life.”The spread of diseases now have put them more venerable. Nobody from the government officials, so far, has come to see the situation and take precautionary measures a common complaint among the resident of the area. The locals opined that the government claims to have taken precautionary measures in the flood-affected areas. But now the people living in urban centers like Karachi are crying against the pathetic approach of the officials, who have left the people living in suburban areas, in helpless situation. During the visit of the area, it was also learnt that there might be unsafe vaccination administered them earlier, which has caused this uncertainty among the parents. The area people told The Nation that Ibrahim Hyderi was deprived of basic facilities of potable water, alleging that city administration was creating difficulties for the local residents. They said the water mafia was operating private water tankers, depriving several areas of their water share.The locals said that the government at federal and provincial levels has been claiming that they initiated number of uplift schemes but more than 150 fisher folk settlements and villages along the 129-km long Karachi coast are still deprived of basic facilities such as school, healthcare, electricity and most importantly, drinking water. The most affected fisher folk settlements including scattered villages from Mubarak Village at Hawkesbay to Keamari Town and up to the Rehri Mayan of Bin Qasim Town suffer from acute water shortage. Sami Memon of Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum, an organization which represents fishermen, said that the waterborne diseases are common in the area. He was not sure how many children are inflicted with this disease, saying while they initiated ‘campaign for cleanness’ within locality, taking community people (male and female) together, they learn the issue.  “When we asked from the people it came to surface that after detecting diseases like skin, stomach problem, now measles complication has frightened the residents. It needs instant action by the government to avoid any loss of life or further spread of disease,” he said.