Indian Defence Minister A K Antony’s statement that they are in no hurry to mend fences with Pakistan stands in sharp contrast to Commerce Minister Amin Fahim’s inclination for grant of MFN status to New Delhi expressed on Thursday. Then, the Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khursid came up with the gesture that there was no difference over holding a dialogue with Pakistan, only the right timing was needed.

It also appears Mr Anthony and his friend are not quite in sync as he was precise in talking about ‘lots of promises’ pledged by Islamabad and said that unless they were fulfilled, there could be no improvement in ties, which is the standard line being harped over for years and decades now. Mr Anthony is just another face repeating the same old narrative. But one must ask did the PPP setup make any promises -- barring of course the MFN stunt? After all, from the practice of dishing out more and more favours, it can be safely assumed that the indecent haste with which we are trying to befriend Indians points to a fickle approach that amounts to backpedalling on our principled position on Kashmir. The view that Islamabad can get in the good books of India by bargaining some concessions for some in return is in reality a non-starter.