HILLARY Clinton is calling off her $120 million divorce from her womanizing hubby Bill Clinton.

The American Secretary of State - who recently suffered a scary stroke drama - issued Bill a stunning ultimatum, according to America’s Globe magazine. “There’s a $10 million cheating penalty,” a source said. Meanwhile, Hillary is facing up to the fact that she could go blind.

According to a new report, experts and Clinton family insiders say that the blood clot in her head may have caused catastrophic dam­age to the optic nerve and lead to her losing her eyesight.

“Hillary had been suffering from vision issues related to her blackouts and memory loss, but additional testing resulted in a diagnosis that she might have a rare optical nerve condition that will lead to blindness,” explained a family insider.

“She’s keeping this diagnosis a secret as she tries to figure out what to do next. Meanwhile, Bill and Chelsea are beside themselves with worry. They can’t believe this is happening. Also, since Hillary spends so much time on airplanes, she may have developed a deep venous thrombosis in a leg, which travelled near the brain, causing swelling and damaging the optic nerve beyond repair. That could lead to blindness. This is extremely rare, but since she already had symptoms such as blackouts, the damage may have al­ready been done. I don’t know how long her optic nerve has been damaged or how long it could take for her to lose her vision if this is the case. It’s an individual matter.” “Her ordeal went from sad to tragic when she learned doctors believed she was going blind,. It’s also a nightmare come true for Bill and Chelsea. They had visions of her running for president in four years, and now she may be in total blind­ness by then. Hillary is trying to grasp what is happening to her health. On top of everything, she’s going to continue to have addition­al testing to hopefully rule out a cancer diagnosis.”

“But for now, losing her eyesight is the most dev­astating development in her medical crisis. She cried out, ‘I’m going blind!’ after doctors presented her with a worse-case scenario. Hillary’s faith in God is being tested by these shocking developments. She’s suddenly fragile and her health is at the brink. Going blind is the last thing Hillary ever thought she’d face,” said the source. “She’s worried sick about what’s to come.” –SS