KARACHI (PR) - MCB Bank Ltd, the country’s largest bank, has raised the salaries for its permanent clerical staff and guards along with increase in various allowances keeping in view the surging cost of living in the country.

A press release issued from the bank stated that the bank’s management maintained its commitment towards welfare of their staff members and their families and announced increase on the account of marriages, children scholarship, maternity charges and funeral expenses. MCB management and MCB Staff Union of Pakistan (CBA) signed an agreement effective from January 1 for two years onwards after successful negotiation.

Usman Hassan, Group Head Human Resources, on behalf of MCB Management and Riafat Khan Jadoon, President MCB Staff Union of Pakistan, signed the agreement in a ceremony held at Principal Office, Lahore in the presence of Imran Maqbool, President MCB Bank Ltd.

“The management decided to raise the salaries of the bank’s clerical staff and guards considering the present inflationary pressures and the increasing cost of living that resulted in hardship for all segments of society,” said Imran Maqbool, President, MCB Bank Ltd.

“MCB Bank always thinks for its employees’ betterment and prosperity and I hope that they will get significant relief and keep on performing their duties honestly as a reciprocal gesture,” he added.

Riafat Khan Jadoon, President MCB Staff Union of Pakistan (CBA) said that all MCB Bank employees are part of the success story of the bank and our prosperity lies with the growth and progress of the bank.

Usman Hassan, Group Head Human Resources Management, thanked both the management and union representatives for their efforts and hoped that this team spirit would strengthen relationship between employees and employer.